TRINITY (TRansmission system enhancement of regIoNal borders by means of IntellIgenT market technologY) is a project which main goal is to enhance cooperation and coordination among the Transmission System Operators of South-Eastern Europe (SEE) in order to support the integration of the electricity markets in the region, whilst promoting higher penetration of clean energies.

TRINITY addresses the EU’s Research Horizon Framework 2020 Programme within the call Building a low-carbon, climate resilient future: secure, clean and efficient energy (“LC-SC3-ES-2-2019: Solutions for increased regional cross-border cooperation in the transmission grid”.

TRINITY’s team, composed of 19 partners from 11 countries, aims to:

  • – Enhance cross border trading and balancing energy exchange
  • – Ensure electricity market integration
  • – Increase share of RES in SEE
  • – Improve security of system operation in the context of increased RES.
  • – Better regional coordination, interaction, and communication


The three main drivers of the project objectives: Market integration, TSOs coordination and RES promotion – are directly covered by three of the TRINITY products, that will interact together thanks to the fourth project result, the T-COORDINATION PLATFORM.



Work Package 3 within TRINITY project has the objective to enhance cross-border cooperation and ensure electricity market integration in SEE region and between the EU and non-EU countries. This delivery covers the software development of the following four modules (tools):

  • intra-day electricity trade
  • trade of a common regional capacity reserve
  • trade of guarantees of origin
  • bilateral trading

The modules together build up a Market Coupling framework platform, which has a twofold purpose:

a) to promote the process of SEE countries’ market integration into a single and unified European electricity market, and

b) to be used as a transitional solution for the full transposition of all European regulations and their binding implementation and access to the European common market initiative.